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Household garbage sorting equipment China manufacturer

Household garbage sorting equipment China manufacturer

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Domestic waste sorting equipment


Waste furniture recycling industry, biomass waste recycling industry, biomass power plant, landfill downsize卐tc

Input materials: kitchen waste, tree branch, ashes, bricks and tiles, plastics, paper products, glass, metals, textiles, hazardous waste, lamps, barrels, pesticide barrels, waste batteries and inorganic waste卐tc


With the improvement of living standards, the proportion of recyclable resources in domestic waste is increasing, and domestic waste sorting equipment is gradually recognized, accepted and popularized by people. The price of domestic waste sorting equipment related to capacity. If there are a lot of demolition or decoration waste and decoration waste, it is necessary to separate light and heavy materials, then we need air separator, screening equipment, screening and dust removal卐tc to provide different production capacity. This system can be widely used in the fields of domestic waste, construction waste, decoration waste, stale waste and bulky waste

Treatment process

Scrap metals such as waste steel bars, iron wires, cables and various scrap metal accessories can be processed into steel and concrete after sorting, crushing and screening, the construction waste can be made into permeable bricks. The waste is transported to the loading and unloading platform and sent to the chain plate conveyor through the loader. The large size needs to be sorted manually. The sorted materials directly fed into the crusher and get crushed (or shredded to an ideal size) and sent to the drum screen. The diameter of the screen can be set to 50mm, for sorting out oversize hard materials like steel tank卐tc, after separated by magnet separator then output by conveyors. Also we provide gas phase separation equipment for degassing for options.

Flow Chart

Entire system composted by different sections, such as manual separation, plastic separation, rubber separation, etc. For bulky waste automatic sorting system, bulky waste bag breaking system, organic crushing system卐tc. Domestic waste should be classified to actively change the urban environment.

In now, the widely used waste treatment methods include sanitary landfill, high-temperature composting and incineration. The purpose of waste treatment is to recover and size reduction. No matter what kind of garbage, it can operate continuously for three months. The mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor is the gas emitted in the treatment process. No sewage discharge and no secondary treatment to avoid secondary pollution. Different types of domestic waste treatment equipment have different treatment capacity, including 50 tons, 500 tons, etc. Domestic waste treatment equipment integrating solid-liquid separation, biochemical treatment and oil-water separation. The operation interface of cleaning, sorting, transportation, crushing, fermentation and fertilizer production adopts full touch intelligent control and online monitoring system

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